Pole Kiosk Advertising is one of the best and effective methods of advertising. It is one of the most viewed advertising medium. Pole kiosk advertising involves placing small and compact advertising panels in a row on electric poles on major city streets. Due to being placed one after the other at a very short distance, the same advertisement is seen repeatedly by the audience. This medium is currently very popular among advertisers and is available in all cities and on all major and minor roads.

Pole kiosk advertising is one of the most effective, well, ads out there. Unipole Advertising is the best way to reach people. Branding through this pole kiosk will help you to improve sales and reach out to a greater potential audience. Branding on Unipole in India ensures maximum visibility for your brand. The details of pole kiosk advertisement are in it. Pole kiosk advertising size is small. GS Global Expo is one of the leading pole kiosk advertising agencies in India.

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Benefits Of Pole Kiosk Advertising.

Pole Kiosk Advertising- Effective And Sharp

Pole Kiosks — The most efficient and effective way of advertising. Pole kiosk advertising involves placing small and compact advertising billboards in a row on electric poles on major city streets.

These small but distinctive pole kiosk hoardings attract the wandering eyes of a large number of people passing through these streets. Their attractiveness keeps their eyes fixed on these boards and hence they become a very effective means of attracting attention and making a lasting impression on the minds of road movers.

Located at such strategic locations, our pole kiosks are and are at such prominent places that they can go unnoticed. The presence of these pole kiosk billboards is capable of attracting the undivided attention of the passersby. Pole selection and kiosk construction can play a vital role in promoting brand awareness if correctly combined.


Pole Kiosks — Total Brand Recall

One of the most traditional means of outdoor advertising — kiosks have been used by customers for a long time due to their popularity and success. The biggest advantage of launching an advertising campaign through pole kiosks is that it provides good brand recall in the minds of customers through repeated exposure to the brand message.

You can find pole kiosks in car parks, in malls or on the streets. As an outdoor advertising media pole kiosks provide a clutter-free, cool and effective promotional solution for various products, services and brands.


Pole Kiosks- Traditional Yet The Right Strategy

Pole kiosk ads are one of the traditional methods of OOH advertising that are still in practice. Located everywhere — along streets and roads, pole kiosks allow advertisers to target precise geographic locations and provide massive visibility to customers in that particular geographic location.

Choose to pole kiosk advertising and branding in advertising! We will design the right advertising pole hoardings for you keep in mind your needs while creating tremendous brand awareness. We'll be your partner in getting you the business you want, the way you want it!


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