We are a professional Look walker manufacturer in Delhi, Our products are highly competitive in the industry, and we continue to make such impressive products to maintain the faith we have gained from our clients. You can browse through the collection of our products online.

I Walker We are the leading Look Walker Outdoor Advertising Manufacture, Supplier, and Service Provider in Delhi.

We have expertise in manufacturing and exporting very refined Walking Billboards. These customized display boards are deliberately designed and manufactured per our clients' varied display requirements. These look walkers are widely applied in various industries and organizations to spread information.

We are a major Look Walker Manufacturer in Delhi. We make our sales and have extensive experience manufacturing and shipping sophisticated Look Walkers. Such look walkers are commonly used for information dissemination in various industries and organizations. Unique features of this look walker include The visual experience you want.

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Look Walker Specification

The best SMD illuminant, does not cause climate heating as LED, and therefore it is more environmentally friendly. 5 hours of battery backup is available with the charger and flashlight.

Comfortable and fatigue free carry bag provides comfort while carrying. Highly visible in a crowd from virtually any angle providing 360 degree viewing of customers and messages.

The Best quality print is used for clear visibility. Quality tested product and ready to use. Bright display on both sides.

Ultra Slim ( the Slimmest on the Market)

Long SMD life (lasts up to 36,000 hours)

Excellent Display Quality

Battery Backup 4-5 Hours

double-sided field of view for display

bright display on both sides

Light and comfortable to carry on human shoulders.

LED bright back-lit billboard, no climate heating.


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