No parking boards are those sign boards, which you must have seen in front of the gate of your colony or society, on the gate of bungalows, pillars etc. Most importantly, their purpose is to reserve parking for the residential landlord's vehicle when the owner returns home.

The advertisement on the no parking board advertising is seen not only by the residents of the building, but also by the people standing there and passing by. It creates curiosity in the mind of the audience, and your brand stays in their mind at conscious and sub-conscious level.

No Parking Board Market is a gray market which is semi-regulated by the Municipal Corporation Department. Suppose you put sun pack sheets on red light, which is inviting administration officials to challan you for vandalism act. But if you put them on gates and service lanes and increase visibility, then there will be no problem. Similarly, there are other mediums to increase our brand visibility, they include no parking board, another medium like this is e rickshaw advertising, our brand visibility is more than this.

It is like local outdoor advertising for your store and well targeted, each sheet can deliver multiple impressions from one sheet. We also provide digital services.

No-parking-board-Outdoor-Advertising No-parking-boards-in-delh No-parking-board in pan india


Benefits of No Parking Boards

Location Targeting: You can target locations near where your store is located or where you provide services.

Tangible and waterproof ad material: No parking boards are very cost effective out of  home advertising materials. No Parking Board Your ad will appear for many impressions in low cost.

Brand Recognition, Brand Recall and Branding: The no parking board ads creates curiosity in the mind of the viewers, and your brand stays in their mind at conscious and sub-conscious level.

Better visibility: No Parking Board provides good visibility at very low cost. Positioned at eye level, these advertisements are easily seen by the audience.

Easy installation: It is very easy to install sun pack sheet. You can hire a rickshaw puller, hand over the sheet to him and go along with him to install the sheet with thin iron wire. You can also take our professional service for installation of these boards in Delhi / NCR.

Longevity of ads: No parking board advertisement has a life span of 6 months. This advertising type has a long life and remains in good shape in all weathers.


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