Auto Rickshaw Advertisement, most effective option in the most influential media to promote a product. It helps in taking your communication to the public on every road of the country. Apart from this, auto-rickshaw advertising is also effective.

With GS Global Expo, you can get a stand-out performance from regular hoardings and boarding advertisements. Because auto rickshaw is a dynamic medium. It travels to different parts of the country Our service to India also includes the advertising of our auto-rickshaw. It only took a few minutes to grab the customer's attention. Choosing the best source of advertising on a low budget promotes business effectively. The best way to brand your project.

Auto rickshaw Hood advertising are a cost-effective source of auto-rickshaw advertising and branding. Small, Medium & Large Sized Corporates Business GS Global Expo company serves a range of clients and increased competition solutions.

Auto Rickshaw advertising agency that displays the best auto rickshaw advertisements. When choosing the experienced Auto Rickshaw Ads in this field, so three-wheeler rickshaw hood can be the most effective way to promote your products and services.

Want the best visibility for your products or services? You don't want to spend too much on advertising, but want a very good result? Auto Rickshaw Advertisement Right Solution. This is the most effective ad which assures great visibility at the least possible cost. Advertisements for auto-rickshaws are on the road for at least 10 hours a day and travel to different areas. Everyone on the street catches a glimpse of your product displayed as an advertisement on an auto-rickshaw.

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Auto Rickshaw Branding has great benefits

Most effective mode to reach people of all ages

An affordable and cheaper source of outdoor marketing

Increased number of viewers in every km

This type of advertising is most economical as compared to other outdoor advertising.

The returns on investment are the best as maximum people get to see your advertisement. This is because the average distance covered by an auto rickshaw is around 150 to 180 kilometers in one day.

There is more visibility as compared to other outdoor media like displays, banners and hoardings. Studies prove that the viewership of auto rickshaw advertisements is more than 500 per Auto Rickshaw.

Providing detailed information is possible in the advertisement displayed on the auto rickshaws.

The advertisement can be displayed on backside, rain cover, hood, meter cover and on back side of the seat of an auto rickshaw driver.


We Follow A Step By Step Three Wheeler Hood Advertising

Understanding the product and marketing requirements: We have a detailed discussion with the client to understand the goals and marketing objectives.
Our marketing experts devise an effective auto rickshaw advertisement plan that will be effective and pocket friendly. This includes the number of auto rickshaws that will be involved in promotion of products, finalizing the geographical area for advertisement, etc.
Designing an auto rickshaw advertisement: After the client’s approval of our plan, we develop the communication and design visually appealing advertisements.
Scheduling and proof of advertisement: The auto rickshaw advertisement is then scheduled as decided and when the campaign starts, the client is sent the images of the auto rickshaws carrying their advertisement.


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